Month: June 2013

Dental Hygiene and Training

Lack of oral hygiene and untreated tooth decay can lead to much more serious conditions such as noma. Mercy Ships dental teams work to improve oral health by providing dental hygiene education and training of local personnel.

Dental Procedures

Mercy Ships conducts free mobile dental clinics for the poor. Extractions are a common procedure – a last resort after years of poor dental hygiene and the lack of routine dental care. Relieved from infected or rotting teeth, patients often

Dental Care on Mercy Ships

Many people in developing countries have never had the privilege of seeing a dentist. Dental help is almost non-existent in much of West Africa, and, if it is available, the majority of the population cannot afford it.

Mobile adec dental cart available.

I have a mobile adec dental cart, need to be hooked to air only-older unit but works and could be used somewhere-contact Monty at  weighs 50 pounds

Dental Equipment

NEED DENTAL EQUIPMENT or HAVE DENTAL SUPPLIES OR EQUIPMENT TO DONATE? Go to the Contact Us Page and send us the details and we will post them here in the blog.

Attention Rotary dental volunteers!

Are you a Rotary dental volunteer? Share your experience, and give details as to how others may participate. Complete the Contact Us page and we will post your experiences here in the blog.

Quezon City in the Philippines has a volunteer dental clinic.

Quezon City in the Philippines has a volunteer dental clinic. There is accomodation onsite. The dental clinic is part of a soup kitchen, school, medical clinic, sewing operation.  Bring supplies  – posted by Monty Audenart